What is Sexual Assistance ?

Sexual assistance is supporting adults with disabilities in the whole spectrum of their sexuality. It could be to help them to learn or improve their skills when it comes to interpersonal relationships, intimacy and intimate and/or sexual relationships. Each person is unique, as is their sexuality. Each relationship between a Sexual Assistant and the beneficiary is unique and made of unique circumstances. Sexual assistance is determined as much by the particular needs imposed by disability as by the sexual experience itself. These two aspects are systematically present in each Sexual Assistance.

Who are these sexual assistants?

Sexual Assistants are men and women who have the competence necessary to offer quality support for an intimate or sexual relationship. These people are sensitive to different disabilities and offer an intimate or sexual experience with the disabled person in a professional manner and for a specified amount of time.

Here are some key words that are used when referring to quality Sexual Assistance:

  • Selection
    Being a Sexual Assistant is not for everyone. Before engaging in this activity, one must examine all its aspects and if you have the specific personal qualities and sensitivity necessary. Is being a Sexual Assistant for you? What do you think about people with disabilities and sexuality? How do you see the well-being of those around you and can you in vision yourself in this humanistic role? What are your motivations? Are you curious to open your mind to new knowledge? What knowledge or talent do you already have? What empathy or communications skills do you have? Do you see yourself as someone stable with a clear view of your limits and are you able to respect them?
  • Training and peer support
    Do you have sufficient knowledge of the different forms of disabilities (different physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental health issues, chronic illnesses, aging, etc.) and do you know what attitude to adopt in each situation? Are you interested or do you need to know more about touching, erotic massage techniques, sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy prevention? Would you be interested in knowing more, discussing and exchanging with other sexual assistants or professional peers?
  • Financial compensation
    The beneficiary does not pay for a "treatment" or for a specific act but for the time spent in the company of the Sexual Assistant. It is important to be clear and transparent about the financial engagement.
  • Each Sexual Assistant complies with the legal framework in the country where they do their activity.